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We look forward to helping you reach the perfect point of balance and healing.  Please allow 24 hours for our office to respond, Monday-Thursday 9:00am-6:00pm.

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reaching the perfect point of balance and healing


My experience with Dr. Eades acupuncture program has been phenomenal!  My main health issue when I met Dr. Eades was systemic candida albicans – I had been diagnosed by my doctor in August 2011 and had tried several treatments that were not effective on their own in combating the disease.  I met Dr. Eades in March 2012 and as my treatment progressed, I realized how blessed I was to have met Dr. Eades.  I have had acupuncture treatments in the past years with other practitioners…their treatments were not nearly as in depth.  You will find a genuine level of caring and curing from Dr. Eades but you also have to do your work!  What do I mean by that?  With candida, I had to avoid many different foods and beverages – it was challenging at times but I knew I wanted to get well and it takes work!  Acupuncture is an amazing therapy for many ailments.  Eastern medicine is tremendous in healing the body naturally.  Dr. Eades is superb at both and with his expertise and my diligence in doing healthy things along with my treatment my candida was finally eradicated!  The treatment program that Dr. Eades will design for you will reward you based on the effort that you are willing to put forth.  If you are able to be honest with yourself and be open to making healthy changes in your life, you will be amazed at the progress and transformation that takes place!  I feel extremely blessed to have this opportunity in my life.  Dr. Eades has so much wisdom from his teachers and is able to pass his knowledge onto his patients and help them improve their lives.  This is a very personal journey and will be different for each person that participates.  I highly recommend this program to anyone who is willing to commit to their desire to transform themselves to the healthy person they long to become.

Brenda S. of Altamonte Springs, FL

For the past four years, I had been suffering with stabbing pain in my knee and thigh.  I had tried physiotherapy, massage, chiropractic and acupuncture treatments, but none provided much relief.  I was told I was a candidate for a hip replacement.  I winter in Florida, and Dr. Wes was recommended to me as being “in a class of his own” for acupuncture, so I took a chance.  What did I have to lose!  Dr. Wes explained in detail how and why acupuncture would help to improve my condition because I knew nothing about Eastern medicine.  The needles were so tiny that i felt no pain or discomfort as Dr. Wes worked to find the root cause of my suffering.  I experienced a sense of well-being at each session as the pain began leaving my body for longer periods of time each week.  At the same time, I learned ways of helping myself should I experience pain again.  I am convinced that as a result of his many years of training and practice, Dr. Wes was able to do for me what so many others couldn’t.  I am no longer a victim of pain, and I have my life back!

Marlene F. of Toronto Canada


After the consultation Dr. Eades began treatment on both of my feet.  In four treatments of the neuroma, he had succeeded in dispersing the bunching of the nerves with the result that today I can hardly find where it was.  As for bunion treatment, I was truly amazed.  After only one treatment, the big toe shifted slightly to the left.  After another four treatments, the toe is almost back to it’s normal position.  I do not wear the spacer.  I am so thankful that I met Dr. Eades and received his care and attention.  I would recommend Dr. Eades to anyone seeking an alternative to Western medicine.  He is knowledgable, honest and kind.

Sandra W. of The Villages, FL


 I was in a bad auto accident on 12/9/2009.  I had a soft tissue injury that affected half body of mine on the left hand side.  I was not able to walk, to kneel down, to use stairs; at night I had problem with my left arm with the feeling of burning with heat and pain!  It kept me awake all night; I was not able to get dressed or holding a cup of water!  Prior to coming to Dr. Wes, I was treated by an orthopedic center, and were advised to have two surgeries for my hand.  At the same time I received massage and treatment from a good chiropractor in town for a year, but the result was little!  I came to Dr. Wes in May 2010 by September 2010, I regained strength for my left hand.  I was able to sleep and get dressed on my own.  I got more motion with my left leg and I was completely healed by the end of 2010.  From my own experience, Dr. Wes is the best one in town.  His motto is “he doesn’t want his patients in pain”.  I trust him and I’ve referred him to friends, family members for help with their illness.  He is knowledgeable, skillful and he is a great physician.  

Khanh N. of Casselberry, FL

As a professional dancer, my body is my livelihood.  As with any athlete, the discipline and physical expectations of dancing are extremely demanding and unfortunately injuries can be common from muscular over-use caused from rigorous classes, rehearsals, and performances.  Taking care of your body is crucial for a long and successful career.  I was first referred to Wes after a hip/knee injury became too painful to perform.  After weeks of rest I was frustrated with the lack of improvement and was desperate to get back to shows healthy and strong.  Not being a big fan of needles I was a little nervous to try Acupuncture, however, Wes was welcoming and professional.  We spoke for a long while about my injury and a plan of treatment.  He was extremely thorough explaining how the needles and flow of energy worked with Eastern medicine and answered any questions I had.  His dedication to helping people is what makes his practice a place of physical and spiritual healing.  Through weekly sessions, paired with physical therapy, I was able to return to shows with strength and a new sense of body awareness.  I have continued with Acupuncture, not only to treat injuries, but as injury prevention as well.  I can honestly say that Acupuncture leaves me feeling more balanced and aligned for my active lifestyle.

Joanna R. of Orlando, FL