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reaching the perfect point of balance and healing


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From Apples to Acupuncture

Wes Eades

Meet Wes.  

He was born in Erie, PA; the heart of the Concord grape juice and wine industry.  His father was a self-made restaurant entrepreneur and his mother was a corporate book-keeper.  His father passed 12 years ago, and  his Mom is still going strong at 82 years young.  It is their strong work ethic that has contributed to him being such an amazing practitioner.

Wes originally followed in the family business becoming a certified pastry chef.  In 1965, he was hit by a car and severely injured.  He suffered a fractured hip and pelvis, concussion, and severe migraine headaches.  As time passed the migraines became relentless.  He met an Acupuncturist who was able to release his headache and he became pain free without pharmaceutical medications.  

Soon the healing arts pulled him in a different direction than the family business - he began studying western massage and eastern bodywork under a Tuina master for 18 years.  Then continuing the traditional healing arts; pursued a career in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.